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   Last updated : 22 Nov 99

Eternal Oath - Through the Eyes of Hatred
(Pulverised 99')

Eternal Oath The latest release from home grown label Pulverised Records , Eternal Oath's 'Through the Eyes of Hatred' is a well blended mix of heavy/death metal that the Swedish genre has to offer . Sounding a cross between a heavier In Flames & Paradise Lost , 'Through the Eyes of Hatred' is an excellent combination of all that you'd like melodic ; mixing good production & packaging together . If you've been following Pulverised's list of releases , then you'd know what to expect from this release . Recorded in Sunlight Studios (Noctes , Entombed etc) , this album bears the relatively raw unrefined edge to the band's music . Currently , with me being hooked onto the earlier generation of death/thrash metal (late 80's early 90's) , this album served very much as a refreshing change from the consistent pounding & raw distortion of 'hair' bands with vocalists' that sounded like pussies . Oh & before I forget , here's where to get this album in case you're wondering ... they also have a sound sample available . Visit Pulverised Records Online

House Recommendations : refreshing
Rating : 7.5/10

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