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   Last updated : 22 Nov 99

In Flames - Colony
(Nuclear Blast 99')

In Flames I know I'm a little late in reviewing this one , but who gives a damn nowadays anyway ... All right , 'Colony' is In Flames latest & newest offering after the 2 main men that created In Flames left ... it certainly is a new chapter in the saga of music progression , but although this one still sounds pretty much like 'Whoracle' , this album has left somewhat - a stagnant taste in my mouth . Perhaps the band has peaked with 'Whoracle' & perhaps (again !) fans like myself have grown to expect much more out of the band than this ... sad to say though , they didn't quite reach the standard of which I'd expected ... I can't really say they bombed big time ... but if you've been following them since the 'Lunar Strain' era , each album has simply been an uphill progression , getting better as the years went by ... 'Colony' as a whole didn't quite live up to many expectations ... I'm not really sure of the next step the band would take , but hopefully they won't turn out to be like Tiamat or Samael or even The Gathering ... I guess only time will tell us what fate brings with the next album of In Flames .

House Recommendations : Disappointing
Rating : 6.5/10

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