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   Last updated : 22 Nov 99

Immortal - At the Heart of Winter
(Osmose 99')

Immortal Boosting a new logo , artwork & sound : Norway's elite winter demons return with a fifth album consisting only of members Abbath & Horgh this time round (In case you didn't already know , Demonaz is now the manager of the band ; he had to pull out due to health problems) . 'At the Heart of Winter' is a sole representation of Abbath's musical ideas of Immortal & it can most certainly be considered a welcome change to their usual holocaustic 'blast beats' sound . This album focuses on a more speedy death metal approach & also the further utilization of keyboards from 'Blizzard Beasts' till now . With their current status in the black metal world as one of the top selling artists all around , Immortal has once more scaled to even greater heights with this album & it has led to a new trend of black metal which focuses mainly on combining both thrash/death metal & black vocals together (If you've been checking out new releases you'll know what I'm talking about) . I'm sure this Immortal album will definitely be a classic in time to come as it's totally unlike any of the other earlier releases & it totally blows !

House Recommendations : Get it !
Rating : 8/10

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