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   Last updated : 22 Nov 99

Impiety - Skullfucking Armageddon
(Dies Irae 99')

Impiety Having been quiet for quite a while , these Eastern black metal terrorists have arisen from the grave once more to bring forth a more devilish & goat fornicating follow up the way black metal was meant to be ... raw , fast , hateful ... Brilliant ! Impiety unleashes upon the masses a nuclear apocalyptic assault of sonic mayhem with a no-holds barred 'in your face' approach this time round ... I also couldn't detect any traces of a harmonizer used in any part of this album unlike their debut which makes Shyaithan's vocals stick out very distinctively on this album . Drummer (Dajjal) is very competent playing blast beats most of the time , yet maintaining consistency all the time . I have been waiting for an album such as this one for a very long time ... considering the fact that most Black Metal releases suck nowadays with the huge usage of female vocals & plenty of special keyboard effects further textured with gay high pitched screams ... 'SkullFucking Armageddon' is a refreshing change & may I say breakthrough ? Many fans of the older metal genre will definitely love this baby ... Hailz !

House Recommendations : Definitely 1 of the best albums of 1999 !
Rating : 8/10

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