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   Last updated : 22 Nov 99

Primal Fear - Jaws of Death
(Nuclear Blast 99')

Primal Fear I must admit that I'm not a power metal fan (Is this an appropriate classification for the band's music ?) & that I picked up this album by mistake (I was going to trade this album out which I did but ultimately ended up getting another) but man ... upon listening to this one which incidently also happens to be their follow-up I was totally blown away by the clear yet powerful vocals , the excellent riffs & heavy poundings of the skins (read : Maiden , Manowar , Priest & the likes) . Words or letters alone can't emphasize enough how much of an impact this album had on me especially nowadays when I simply listen to a new metal album once before putting it away ... this album burned up a lot of time on my stereo & I ultimately got the cd scratched due to the massive playtime which I devoted to this cd . Favourite tracks of mine include 'Final Embrace' & the godly 'LOVE' ballad 'Under Your Spell' ... ha how I've suddenly gone all soft in my reviews ... Still , it doesn't justify that this ain't a good album to purchase ... you've really got to get this one & try it for yourself .

House Recommendations : Must Buy !
Rating : 8.5/10

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